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Skid Training

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As a driver of a motor vehicle, invariably, your first encounter with a skid can invariably have serious consequences.  It is most common that when a car begins to skid, you suddenly realise how little space a normal road affords you.  There are not many of life's experiences that are more frightening than to be behind the wheel of a skidding vehicle.  There are recognised actions that as a driver  you should be taken and like any other activity in life it is important to be aware and familiar as to what you the driver should do.  It is like the golfer who was accused by a friend who stated to him, "You are always practicing" to which he replied.  "You know what, the more I practice, the better I seem to play."

Whilst one recognises the best way to avoid a skid is not to skid in the first place, at VitaL Drive you will have access to training where you will be given the opportunity for a "hands-on" experience within the confines of an airfield where you will be trained to recognise and to correct the various skidding problems that can arise from a skidding vehicle. You will be afforded the opportunity in training for the following:

  • Understeer and Oversteer
  • Moving off on compact snow or ice
  • Evasive action
  • Cadence / Pulse braking
  • Aquaplaning - Total loss of control


With Skidcar Scotland, you will be exposed to a unique form of training in a modern fully equipped vehicle which is based on a "skidcradle" and affords a unique opportunity of inducing all of the above in a safe driving environment.

At VitaL Drive what we would wish to emphasise is the biggest form of training we wish to provide you with is to avoid skidding in the first place.