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Here we have testimonals from previous drivers and reports from inspecting companies

Philip Martin


I have no hesitation in recommending Bill and Vital Drive to any person who is serious about learning to drive and learning good driving skills.  Bill's background inspired confidence in me from the moment I sat in the car with him and the benefit of learning with someone of his experience was apparent from my first lesson.

Bill has a firm yet patient approach to tuition that is invaluable to anyone starting from scratch.  Bill was quick to identify and correct errors and introduce the concepts required for all the necessary manoeuvres.  At no time did I feel out of my depth but would also emphasise there was never any wasted time - every lesson took me that little bit farther than I had been from previous lesson.

Bill is adept at making theory relevant to real life and on incorporating everyday scenarios one can encounter on roads into the learning process.  I appreciated the emphasis he placed to my driving standards and always maintaining this high standard on each lesson.

During my driving test, I faced nothing that I had not experienced and practiced previously with the exception of test day nerves, the whole experience felt reasonably familiar for me.

For me the barrier standing in my way of taking the driving test was always going to be confidence however my time during lessons with Bill gave me the necessary confidence I required not only to approach the test in the first place, but to approach it with a positive attitude.  I am totally confident that my experience with Bill at Vital Drive provided me with the necessary skills required to drive safely and reasonably confidently.   Thanks Bill  -  Philip


Tom Gallacher


I am entirely happy to offer my recommendation to Vital Drive Inverness.  Having passed my test at the first attempt following about 18 hours of tuition from Bill.  The driving lessons were taken at a good pace and certainly pitched at the right level for me and latterly were on a similar format which I experienced during my driving test.

After being provided very specific instruction and advice, I felt reasonably confident as to what was required for any of the manoeuvres and procedures.

the car was always clean comfortable and reasonably easy to drive making for a good learning environment.  As an instructor Bill is very knowledgeable and personable.  I found his calm yet forthright approach well suited to helping me settle the nerves at first then get to grips with the many challenges with the driving.  Eventually I felt well prepared for the test and thankfully passed on my first attempt.  Thanks for all your help Bill   Regards  Tom


Douglas Weatherspoon


As one who did not have any previous driving experience I found Bill was able to turn me from an extremely timid and anxious driver to a reasonably confident and positive one.  I really enjoyed having Bill as my instructor as he was very patient and helpful even with the most stupid mistakes.   He would take the time to explain and repeatedly practice helping my skills grow.  Bill is a pleasant guy to speak with and whilst learning we had a laugh whilst learning.  Thanks Bill for enabling me get through my driving test first time.  Douglas


William Smith


Today I passed my driving test on my first try with only 2 minor faults.   I started learning to drive a car on a road with Bill who very quickly identified many faults I had picked up driving tractors in the fields.  He quickly addressed my wrong habits and guided me through the various manoeuvres to the standards required in what I consider a very reasonable time.  I highly recommend Vital Drive to anyone learning to drive or anyone who wishes to develop their road skills.  Thanks  Bill


Kelsey Tainish


Experience with Vital Drive.


Having unfortunately been disqualified from driving for speeding, I had the double misfortune of not only being fined but the added punishment of having to re-sit an extended driving test.

Just even thinking about sitting an extended driving test certainly made me feel very concerned, uncomfortable and full of fear.  Thankfully Bill at Vital Drive was recommended to me by a work colleague and I must stress I found he immediately put my mind at rest and focused my attention on driving again.

Following 12 hours+ of high quality tailored and dedicated professional tuition from Bill I am very pleased to say I passed the extended test on my first attempt.

I would sincerely thank Bill for all his support, for without such commitment dedication patience and professionalism (reflected in his instruction) I certainly would not have passed this extended test on my first attempt.

I strongly recommend Bill to any learner driver or any person who is required to sit the Extended Test.  Sincere thanks.  Kelsey


Mairi Forbes


I can thoroughly recommend Bill at Vital Drive for learning to drive.  He not only genuinely wants you to pass your test but also puts a great emphasis on teaching you on how to be a good all-round, careful and considerate driver.

Thank you Bill for your guidance, honesty and patient wisdom in preparing me to drive responsibly and safely.  Mairi


Brodie Simpson - Passed Test - 2 minor faults Jan 2014


I would recommend Bill at Vital Drive as a driving instructor.  I passed my test last week on the first attempt.  Bill's a very patient teacher and he makes every effort to make you feel very relaxed.  He would always answer any question no matter how stupid and would never make you feel uncomfortable.  The hour and a half lessons are a perfect length for learning to drive and it speeds up your learning allowing you time to practice the procedures required.  Thanks for everything.


Griogair Ross - Passed Test 6/11/13 (1 minor fault)


I had been learning with Bill for 7 months and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. In that time I have grown in confidence and now feel that I am able to cope with driving on my own.  The hour and a half lessons allowed plenty of time to practice driving techniques as well as the various manoeuvres.  I would definitely recommend Bill to any new driver as he is very patient and took the time to discuss and answer any questions which arose during my lessons.

View of Griogair’s parent

Choosing a driving instructor for your teenager is a very daunting thought. Bill was highly recommended by friends who had used him to teach their children. My son started lessons 2 days after his 17th birthday and successfully passed first time last week.

When I first contacted Bill he was quite clear about his lesson length, pricing and that he expected my son to knuckle down, concentrate and learn. I liked his police background and his straight talking and felt that Griogair would be quite safe in his car!

He has helped my son enormously in both practical aspects of driving but also in his self confidence behind the wheel.  Bill guided us as to when he felt it would be safe for us to take Griogair on the road in our car ( a pretty scary thought given all the roundabouts!!)

I have found the whole ‘learner driver’ experience extremely rewarding and I credit Bill for a lot of this. I will definitely be using the services of Bill next year for my 2nd son.



May Begg - Passed Test September 2013


My wife passed her test first time on Friday 13 September 2013 after just thirty five lessons with Mr. MacLelland. That was all the driving she had as I refused to let the ‘nippy sweetie’  practice in my car.

You might think that this - whilst a fine achievement - is not especially remarkable.

But wait!

My wife is Chinese. She speaks English about as well as Mr. MacLelland speaks Mandarin! She also believes that in Scotland we drive on the wrong side of the road, a delusion she decided to remedy every time she got in the car.

Bill, she thinks, ‘Is the best instructor in the whole world.’ A slight exaggeration perhaps, but - for my money - you’ll not find a better one in Inverness, or even in Scotland, and very possibly the whole UK.

Michael Begg


Cameron Alsop - Passed 25 July 2013


I would definitely recommend you learn to drive with Bill  at Vital Drive.   He is an friendly instructor, yet  professional and take time to explain everything clearly. He makes you feel relaxed and makes the lessons worth while and very enjoyable.


The hour and a half lessons suited me great as sometimes an hour can be a bit short, but the extra half hour gave me time to grasp and practice things without having to rush it.


I passed first time with Bill on 25/7/2013 and I would like to say thank you Bill, great!!


Cameron Alsop


Rhiann MacLeod - Passed Test 19 July 2013


I had firstly gone with another driving instructor but felt like I wasn't getting any progress with my lessons and decided just to give up.  When I decided to start learning again after 2 years, I  found Vital Drive and Bill gave me the confidence on the roads from the outset.  I felt that with Bill I was making progress and felt confident when going for my test.  (I passed first time with no faults!)


Learning to drive with Vital Drive was great as Bill was able to pick me up and drop me off to places that was suitable for me.  Bill always arrived in plenty of time and the car was always very clean.  Having the hour and half lessons I feel was a great idea as you not only got taught more but you were able to practice more what I learned.


Bill was a great choice for an instructor and I would highly recommend him to anyone! Bill doesn't only teach you on how to prepare for your driving test but he teaches you the skills on how to drive well after!


Many thanks again Bill for your patience.




Mark Watson - Passed Test 23 July 2013


I had previous experience learning with a different driving school and was not progressing as I had hoped to. After one lesson with Bill I felt I learned more than I did in my previous five with the other driving school. Bill was very flexible when it came to times of lessons as he worked around when I had work. At the end of every lesson Bill gives you advice and feedback on how your driving was and this made me progress a lot quicker as he helped me to correct and improve on what I had done in the previous lesson.


I felt Bill made me a much more confident driver on the roads and thoroughly prepared me for my driving test. With Bills help and guidance I was able to pass my driving test on the first attempt within the time frame that I had hoped to. I would highly recommend Bill as a driving instructor as he doesn’t just teach you to pass your test but how to drive. Thank you Bill.

Mark Watson


Willie - Passed Extended Driving Test April 2013


Due to losing my license a few years earlier (all my own fault - crossed double white lines) I had to sit an extended test in Inverness.

I booked lessons with Bill at Vital Drive and found him to be an excellent instructor, not only was he flexible with lesson times because of my work and having to travel about an hour to get there, but he was also very reasonable with his price's.


It took me a few attempts to get through my test but that was no fault of Bill's, t but due to my nerves on the day of the test and making silly mistakes, but even with that thankfully Bill did not give up on me and was very determined and  patient to overcome my obvious problems.


I can't thank Bill enough for his thorough instructions and patience. He has taught me a lot for which I am very grateful.

I would highly recommend Bill at Vital Drive for any type of driving instruction.


Kayleigh Scott, Inverness - Passed Driving test 17 April


Learning to drive with Vital Drive was a great experience for me. I found that lessons were very flexible, which was great for me and Bill was also able to pick me up and drop me off or from work which was very helpful and saved me a few bus fares!   Having one and a half hour lessons also means that after learning something you had plenty of time to practice it before you forget it in the time before your next lesson. Bill is very good and sharp at noticing the little things that you can improve on which I think

has made me a better driver and also prepared me well for my test. I had plenty of practice around all of the Inverness and, because of that,  I felt very comfortable on the roads I drove on during my test. Overall, I consider Vital Drive was good value for money, Bill has been a great driving instructor and has lot's of experience.  I would highly recommend him. Many thanks Bill.


Jonny Milton - Passed Test 4 March 2013


The first thing I would state about Bill is that he teaches you to drive, and not just to pass a test. I had previous driving experience before I began lessons with Bill in January 2013. He watched my driving and then suggested I needed a further 6/8 lessons. I thought there was no way I would be ready for my test by then but Bill thought otherwise. And credit where credit is due I passed my test on the 4th March 2013 with 3 minors (all my own doing of course).


Bill was always ready to assist and I booked a block of lessons which he managed to work them around my job. Even when that meant a 5:00pm till 6:30pm lesson at rush hour in Inverness! During lessons I was driving for almost the whole hour and a half, only stopping to discuss errors during the drive. This meant I felt that I was really getting the most out of the lessons.


The car was brilliant. It is very simple to drive, nice and comfortable. The “show me tell me” questions are easy to relate to the car as everything under the bonnet is in plain view and all explained clearly.


I really enjoyed learning with Bill and cannot thank him enough for all the help and advice he gave me. Cheers Bill!  Jonny


Brian Johnston - Passed Test March 2013


Hi guys just past my test today with Bill. I am going to say a few words about Bill.  When I went with Bill my confidence was very low but he soon had my confidence improving and before I knew it was my practical test and I passed it. That was because Bill had my confidence high and his knowledge of driving got me through my test.

Bill is a patient and a brilliant guy to be around. He takes things at your pace and makes you feel at ease in the car. He is also great value for money none of this sitting by the side of the road wasting your time and money your always on the go. If you want to pass your test then Bill is your man his knowledge and record say it all and the way he does things really does take the best out of you. THANKS BILL ITS BECAUSE OF YOU I PASSED MY TEST CHEERS BRIAN


Ewan Simpson - Passed first attempt


For anyone looking to learn to drive I would truly recommend Vital Drive. Bill is a really experienced instructor who is approachable with a patient and encouraging teaching style. What I did find was that there were many aspects of driving that Bill teaches that are beyond what is required for test purposes and he put's a big emphasis on safety and how to plan ahead and always to be aware of how to anticipate things whether it is the road lay-out or what other motorists might do.


Bill was always on time for my lessons, which were booked and fitted in around my working week , which was really helpful.  I found that I was driving for the whole lesson and only stopped at the road side to address or discuss things when it was necessary. I found the car to be really "user friendly" and it was great to drive. Overall I'm very happy having learned to drive with Vital Drive and I really felt that I was well prepared for my my test which I passed first time. Thanks Bill.


Ewan - Kirkhill Inverness-shire



Elaine Matheson Passed Test 28 June 2012


Nerves, that’s an understatement.  I was a bundle of nerves on my first lesson, I was too old, I could never make it and every other excuse arose, everything scared me.  However it wasn’t long before Bill had me at ease and the nerves started to subside.  My confidence built gradually but significantly, and thankfully I could then concentrate and learn to drive.

Bill was patient, where necessary firm but always encouraging and really did make me believe I was capable of sitting my driving test, something I still saw as a million miles away when I first started lessons. I always found my lessons were full (no wasted time), informative but without overloading me, and after each lesson I always felt improvements in all areas of my driving.

Choosing Bill to instruct you to drive would be a very wise move, I can’t praise him enough, and that’s coming from someone who thought passing her driving test was an impossibilty!

Thanks Bill



Kimberley Walkden - Passed Test 31 May 2012


I never have got more out of lessons than when i went with Bill. He teaches you how to drive the CORRECT way.

Well what can I say..... the time I have spent learning to drive with Bill has been amazing for me. I used to struggle with some manouvers however with Bills explanation, teaching and encouragement I progressed to a stage where they were no longer a problem. May not be perfect but are damn close. Bill was never late, the car was always in great and clean condition and Bill was very helpful when it came to booking lessons and fitted them in around my work schedule and was flexible enough that I didnt feel preasured. I found the car slightly bigger in both size and engine however I found this so much easier than driving a 1.2 as with previous instructors.

The way Bill teaches you is the best I have EVER had, we spent very little time sitting at the road side. The only times this would be the case would be to discuss how to carry out the maneouver and in expaining test like situations. The time with Bill in lessons was always constructive and precise, the price charged is very fair considering the knowledge and time Bill spends teaching.

My belief of Bills' experience of advanced driving with the police has equipped him with a very calm and thorough nature which shows itself perfectly when teaching people how to drive. Whether you are very nervous or lack confidence he is very easy to get on with and I have found that he builds your confidence whilst developing your skills as a driver.

I found it very encouraging that Bill did not want to prolong the learning process, he always made sure that I was progressing and developing at a sensible pace, this meant that when I sat my test I felt completely ready to and I have Bill to thank for that.

I cannot thank Bill (Vital Drive) enough. Not only have I passed my test but I have gained alot of knowledge and confidence in relation to all round driving skills and I feel able to start and to now progress to be a good and safe driver. I cannot wait to go onto  the next stage for Pass Plus.



Catherine McNaughton - Passed Test 4 April 2012


I started taking lessons with Bill at Vital Drive in February 2012 and straight away I could tell he would make sure I finished with the skills to go on to become a confident and safe driver.  Having a young baby and a partner who works long hours at home didn’t leave much flexibility for lesson times but Bill would always fit me in when we were both available. Manoeuvres where the part of driving that got me really anxious but Bill’s approach to teaching made the basis of all the manoeuvres simple and easy to understand and gave me the chance to adapt my learning to each individual case and circumstances.
Bill with Vital drive offers good value for money with the emphasis on learning through practice so the time spent on the road is optimum and you finish each lesson feeling you really have got the most out of the time you have had. Bill is both honest and fair, will tell you when you go wrong and give praise when doing well. I am delighted I have now passed my test and look forward to the trips and adventures I will be able to take my daughter on and I now have the ability to do so confidently thanks to Bill.
I highly recommend Bill and Vital Drive Driving School if you are looking for the skills to last you a lifetime of happy and safe driving and will always be grateful to Bill MacLelland and can’t thank him enough.
Many Thanks Bill

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